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Once a solicitation has been released, it can be found on or in the list of open solicitations on this page.

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However, solicitation requirements can change from year to year, and closed solicitations should not be used as a template when developing FY 2017 proposals.

For general information about requirements across OVW’s grant programs, see the Standard Special Conditions-Grants and Standard Special Conditions-Cooperative Agreements.

RELATED: One of Ayesha Curry's Favorite Dishes is Perfect for Date Night Enter #Blerd Dating, a weekly web extravaganza created by Leesa Dean. Plus, not all antiheroes can wear the stockings and still rock the sexy. Leesa: When two blerds find kismet plus get to argue the merits of “Rogue One” AND “Atlanta FX.” What advantages do blerds have when it comes to dating?

via GIPHYOpening up about the pitfalls of dating as a celebrity, the One Direction star said: 'I feel like with all of the stuff how people date now with all online stuff I feel like you can do that (Google) with anyone really if you're looking at someone's profile before seeing them it's kinda the same…'So, how is Harry planning to get himself back on the dating bandwagon? I hope we did a good job but I really like the album so I hope people like it,' he explained.'It's a bit weird, I feel like I've been hibernating for so long now and you hear it in the safety of the studio and now it's time to give birth …

it's the song (debut single) I'm most proud of writing,' he added.

Leesa is also known as the founder of the acclaimed animated web series, “Chilltown TV.” Now she has partnered with entertainment industry veteran and filmmaker Nicole Franklin for this new kind of storytelling. Besides President Barack Obama, of course, who are your favorite famous blerds? Leesa: Guests include Rain Pryor, Karyn Parsons, comedian Rodney Perry and Black Girl Nerds founder Jamie Broadnax. Nicole: Absolutely Blerds should date other Blerds. Leesa: “I’m looking for someone to accept me as I am" is probably a codeword for "I'm a convicted felon." (Don’t ask how I know! Leesa: Since we have so much in common, it’s easier to become best friends, which is always important. Who’s who in the brilliant #Blerd Dating crew - with Twitter handles so that Essence readers can play along? Leesa: They’re called episodes because most weeks we also interview guests so between that and the weekly Twitter story, it has a podcast/radio type of feel. The topics of the first four episodes are: The Elephant in the Room, Dating Somebody Who’s Married, My Date Ghosted (I Was Stood-Up) and New Year’s Eve Dating Resolutions I’ve Already Broken. How can people participate in the show and #Blerd Dating experience?

They’ve assembled an incredible team, on which I proudly serve as the #Blerd Dating resident Lifestyle Guru. Leesa: Donald Glover, Ava Duvernay, Shonda Rhimes and Michelle Obama. Nicole: And we have a very special Valentine’s Day episode coming up February 13th featuring Anthony Hamilton. How is blerd dating different from any other dating? Nicole: As literary, cinema, comics and sci-fi fans, Blerds hold #Relationship Goals close to our hearts. Now, I must confess to being a sapiosexual, meaning that I am attracted to intelligence. Speaking for myself, Blerd guys are preferred: Committed, intelligent and into wicked cool ish. What’s your most embarrassing blerd dating experience? ) Nicole: I have to say when I chose--and you have to choose--to live life with no expectations it freed me in life, love and career. Nicole: Blerds who date already surround themselves in their favorite storyworld--fantasy, tech, literary, the works! So, what are the biggest blerd dating disadvantages? Leesa: There’s me, Leesa Dean (@chilltowntv), Nicole Franklin (@nicoleedits), Abiola Abrams (@abiolatv), Ramon Javier Benitez (@The Rayvolution), Hollie Harper (@hollieharper5) and Lisa Durden (@Lisa RDurden) are our regular hosts. Leesa: The easiest way is to type #Blerd Dating into the search bar on your Twitter page.The plan is based on the grant programs administered by OVW in FY 2016 and authorized by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. Note: To make timely funding decisions, solicitations may be released pending a full appropriation.

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